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19 March, 2019 7 1090

Economics Blog 10

Blog 10 - How To Prepare Economics
by Shankar IAS Academy

Hello Aspirants! This blog is dedicated to those who find Economics a confusing nut to crack in UPSC Prelims. We hope by this time you know what to read and refer for this subject. Since this is your last leg of your prelims preparation, we shall guide you what to focus on during your revision. […]

7 March, 2019 15 5161

Geography through Maps (Blog 9)

Blog 9 -Geography Through Map
by Shankar IAS Academy

In continuation with our strategy for prelims 2019, today we shall discuss the importance and methodology on ‘How to prepare geography through maps and map based questions’.Atlas forms the core of your Geography preparation. In 2014 alone 6 Questions were map based. *All and all one can expect 5-6 direct questions and couple more indirect […]

2 March, 2019 5 541

Modern India (Blog 8)

Blog 8 - Modern India
by Shankar IAS Academy

Hello Aspirants, we hope you have followed our first blog on 100 days strategy for UPSC prelims. In this blog we will guide you on the strategy for next days. Modern India The next 10 days target shall be to cover Modern Indian History holistically. Please go through the approach and weightage of this subject […]

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