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Current Affairs Online Courses 2020 | Shankar IAS Academy
Current Affairs 2020

Shankar IAS Academy has come up with an exclusive Current Affairs Test Series covering the lockdown period

The ‘5’ Current Affairs tests, one test for each month from April 2020 to August 2020. Each test consists of 100 prelims questions on Current affairs followed by a very detailed discussion by the subject experts.

Along with this every paid subscriber will get,

  • FREE access to ‘2’ Current Affairs tests (June 2019 to March 2020)
  • FREE access to ‘6’ GS full mock tests
  • FREE access to ‘2’ CSAT mock tests
  • The top ‘3’ in each of the 5 Current Affairs tests, a total of 15 candidates will get 100% fee reimbursement.

Prelims 2020 Current Affairs Test Series @ Rs. 999/- Click here to pay now

"After payment, email to for confirmation of payment and for login details".