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UPSC Mains Online Crash Course | Shankar IAS Academy
Upsc Mains online crash course 2020

Shankar IAS Academy has come up with an exclusive UPSC Mains Online crash course

UPSC Mains online crash course starts from 14th October 2020. Duration will be two and half months . Timing of the course : 2.30 pm -5.00 pm.

The Mains test series will be part of this course,

Topics to be covered

  • Society in India
  • World History
  • Geography
  • Post Independence Consolidation
  • International Relations
  • Governance
  • World Constitution
  • S&T
  • Internal Security
  • Economics
  • Agri issues
  • Ethics
  • Art and culture
  • Essay
  • Environmental Issues

Fee structure will be Rs 34,000 (inclusive of GST ) Click here to pay now

Click here for UPSC Mains Crash Course brochure