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Shankar IAS Academy - UPSC Civil Services Toppers
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I gave my first IFS attempt in 2016. I didn’t prepare much and so I couldn’t make it to the service. So, this time around, I enrolled for Forestry and Geology classes in Shankar IAS academy. Forestry sessions by the faculty and their guidance proved to be immensely helpful. Despite a short timeframe of two months after Civil Services exam, the faculty team managed to cover all important aspects of the syllabus that would help fetching good marks from an exam perspective. I realized it during the exam when I was able to enrich my answers with tree species, forestry jargons and lucid diagrams, which was not the case in my 2016 attempt. Similarly lectures made me comfortable with Geological terms despite it being an unfamiliar terrain. Truly the smaller nuances of these two subjects imparted by the faculty team at SIA, helped my answers stand out well and helped to boost my marks and eventually enabling me to secure a higher rank.

Jeykumaran N

Jayakumaran N
IFS 2018, AIR 4

It has been a long, arduous, difficult yet ultimately a satisfying journey which ended with me getting AIR 8 in IFS 2018. Shankar academy has been an immense part of this journey from day one onwards. It is difficult to put into words the effort and the number of people involved in achieving this success. All through these years shankar academy has been an extended family to me supporting me through thick and thin. The teachers at shankar academy have been like street lamps. They do not shorten the distance but they brighten our pathway and make it clear.

It is said that no one rises at once. Not even the sun. The support of all my friends, family and well wishers have been crucial in ensuring that I rise up every time I fall.

I would urge my fellow aspirants who have been preparing for this exam for a long time not to lose hope. Just because something breaks at the hundredth stroke of the hammer, it does not mean that the first ninety-nine strokes are useless. Life is a result of continued focus and effort and it is particularly true of this exam. A favourite Thirukkural of mine goes Deivathal aagatheninum muyarchi than meivarutha kooli tharum - your efforts will not go in vain.

Thirukural R

Thirukural R
IFS 2018, AIR 8

SIA (Shankar IAS Academy) played an important role in my preparation in many ways. From Prelims to Interview, the academy was integral to my preparation. Especially in Prelims and Mains, Environment part of SIA is irreplaceable.

Interview programme with both classes and mock interviews having online availability is the most important part which allows people from different parts of the country to access it.

Timely feedbacks, diversification of ques in mock interviews and various possible ques which are relevant according to the profile of a candidate are provided which help in making preparation comprehensive.

Manas Singh

Manas Singh
IFS 2018, AIR 20

I was a student of the Interview Guidance program at the Trivandrum branch of Shankar IAS Academy

I am immensely thankful to the institute for arranging exclusive guidance for the Indian Forest Services Interview upon our request, despite the fact that only less than 10 candidates had cleared the written test from Kerala. The sessions by experts, peer reviews, the one-on-one sessions and the mock interviews have helped me to face the UPSC panel with confidence. I would also like to thank the faculty and staff of Trivandrum branch for their constant support and motivation.

Shweta K Sugathan

Shweta K Sugathan
IFS 2018, AIR 34

Shankar IAS Academy has helped me in every stage of my preparation for the IFS examination and to finally secure AIR-41.

Prelims : The academy’s environment book is a boon to all aspirants like me. And the mock tests conducted by Shankar IAS Academy at several cities across the country has helped me a lot in improving my score.

Mains : The Environment book published by the academy has helped me in both general knowledge and forestry optional.

Interview : The online interview sessions and online mock has helped me view discussions on various topics necessary for interview even though I am located far away from Chennai.

I am indebted to Shankar IAS Academy for my success in the Indian forest service examination.

Pasupuleti Monica Kishore

Puleti Monica Kishore
IFS 2018, AIR 41

I started my journey of preparing for civil service examination with Shankar IAS Academy. I enrolled for all the 3 stages [Prelims, Mains and Interview] in SIA. They helped me in preparing in the right direction.

Coming to IFS Mains preparation, Forestry and Geology classes were very good. It helped me in getting good marks.

Interview classes related to environmental issues was also useful.

I would like to thank the whole SIA team in my journey towards IFS.

Karthikeyan M

Karthikeyan M
IFS 2018, AIR 53

Being an engineering graduate, I had absolutely no idea regarding Forestry optional. The faculty team at Shankar IAS Academy taught me Forestry from the basics and streamlined my preparation towards the optional. I would highly recommend the classes for Forestry optional.

The crux of Mains is with proper preparation and multiple revision of the standard textbooks with solving previous question papers will help you sail through this stage.

Interview is often one of the neglected aspects of preparation. But with proper preparation this is one of the easiest scoring areas. I followed extensive brainstorming of questions from my DAF (Detailed Application Form: which is similar to a curriculum vitae).

The discussion of various current issues in the academy helped me frame a balanced opinion. The recorded videos of my mock interviews helped me enhance my speaking skills. More importantly the interview sessions in the academy helped me tide over my fear of facing the interview panel.

I am indebted to team at Shankar IAS Academy for their valuable role in my interview preparation. I am what i am today because of these wonderful people.

Maria Shine

Maria Shine
IFS 2018, AIR 51

I have read Shankar IAS environment booklet for prelims and mains. Crash course of forestry was very useful. I was part of the online interview guidance programme which helped me to get 199/300 marks in IFOS interview.

Hitesh Kumar Meena

Hitesh Kumar Meena
IFS 2018, AIR 54

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