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UPSC Mains Preparation Strategy | Answer Writing Test Series
5 January, 2022 0 2798

Strategy for Mains Preparation and Answer writing?

Mains 2021: Strategy for Mains Preparation and Answer writing?

The revised dates of the UPSC Mains 2021 are below,

7th January 2022Essay Paper –
8th January 2022GS-1GS-2
9th January 2022GS-3GS-4
15th January 2022Indian LanguageEnglish Language
16th January 2022Optional 1Optional 2

· The maximum marks for the UPSC Mains exam are 1750 (7 papers * 250 marks each).

· All papers are of three-hour duration.


· Candidates have to score a minimum of 25% marks in Paper A and Paper B to get qualified for other papers to be evaluated.

· As they both are matriculation level papers, one can just go through them a few days before the exam whenever they are free or want a change of mind from other subjects.

. As the Mains 2021 is just a month away, it is wise not to study many new things. Rather prepare the answer for the Test Series and write as much as possible and GET THE Feedback and ANALYSE ON IMPROVING them!

. Learning from your feedback and answering discussions play a crucial role in improving your marks in the UPSC Mains.

. Proper preparation of your Optional paper, Essay, and Ethics can drastically change your marks and your rank finally. Do give more time and focus on these papers.

Things to do when you plan:

  1. You need to understand the question by each word and get a complete perspective of the thing asked.
  2. Practice developing the answer model by yourself.
  3. Practice answer writing in the UPSC paper format rather than writing or taking hints in any paper/note.
  4. Always practice answer within the time limit and by using the word limits also.
  5. Initially start by self-evaluating your answers.
  6. It is necessary to practice answer writing daily especially after your Prelims exam.
  7. Aim for at least 2 questions daily initially and progress as much as you can. Do not stop writing practice even in the last leg of your preparation.
  8. Because finally, as the Mains exam nears, you should have written at least 3 full tests.
  9. Even though everyone cannot give their exam at a stretch each time, it is essential to have practiced the same (sitting for the exam at a stretch and finishing the practice paper within the time) at least a few times before your Mains exam.
  10. This will help you for thinking continuously and writing in a flow without break as such in your D-day.

In your answer writing practice:

  • Write by giving side headings in your answers.
  • Points and sub-points where ever necessary will make your answer looks presentable and easy for the examiner to correct.
  • Flow charts and other formats of presentation convey your knowledge without much effort to the verifier and makes your answer unique.
  • Underlining or using bold letters add up a difference to the presentation.
  • Give importance to the introduction and conclusion.
  • The introduction may have facts, definitions, etc in 3-4 lines.
  • The conclusion can be concerned with the future mostly.


  • Look for model answers provided by the institute, topper answers, feedback, etc.
  • Look into every element of the answer provided like introduction, points and look where you differ from that.
  • Note down each thing and try to inculcate that in your next answer.
  • Look out for how the answer can be presented through diagrams in the best answer provided.

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