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Prelims – Polity Trend Analysis- blog | Shankar IAS Academy
19 April, 2017 8 354
Prelims – Polity Trend Analysis- blog

If you are reading the newspaper every day and you are able to understand the news articles, it means Polity is a cakewalk for you. As we get closer by another week towards UPSC Prelims 2017, we are here presenting the trends in questions related to Polity and Constitution, adding as the latest in the series of articles on approaching Prelims.

The picture is not all too cheerful if you look at the pattern on a number of questions being asked every year in this area but nonetheless you can never take anything for granted in your preparation for Civil Services Examination. Let us have another look at the trends before analyzing on the directions to proceed for the exam.

What is the trend?

As simple as one can derive from it, the number of questions is decreasing with every year.

But don’t be surprised if UPSC suddenly decides to go uphill from this year.

How to prepare?

The answer is in one word – basics. Get your grasping of the subject right in the first place. Unlike other areas, questions in Polity do not cover everything under the sun. The first few chapters of Polity like Preamble and Fundamental Rights, the Executive and the Parliament cannot be ignored at any cost. When you understand these, you can certainly be at ease in the exam. For example, in 2016 Prelims, there was a question related to the appointment of Chief Secretary. The Executive chapter clearly mentions that ‘All appointments done by the Government are carried out under the name of the Governor’.

How to read and re-read?

If you are trying to just read and re-read, the chances of getting bored are high. Instead, when you are able to relate Polity with Current Affairs and go ahead, the chances of retention of concepts become brighter. If there is an article on Anti-Defection Law that is going around, make sure you just check what schedule the article falls under and what are the key provisions that make up the law. Make a list of such topics (IAS Parliament will always be at your disposal) and study their position in the Constitution.

What not to miss?

Never miss the freebies that are given during the exam. You will have to grab on to them with two hands. Prelims 2015 had a question on what compromises Fifth and Sixth Schedule and almost every year has one question has a question related to the mechanism involved in passing Bills in the Parliament. These are areas where one should score without any excuses.

Can we take a risk in preparation?

NO. Polity is definitely not the area where you can take risks on missing certain chapters. Every word in your Polity Book is going to be important. This can be hugely decisive. When you are attempting questions from this section in this exam, you will need to do that with the confidence that they are going to be certainly right. And for that, your preparation has to be sound.

There are going to be no ‘make or break’ choices in this section of the exam. The only way forward to qualify for the Civil Services (Main) Exam, 2017 is to make Polity work in the Prelims.

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