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Prelims – Environment Trend Analysis blog1 | Shankar IAS Academy
18 April, 2017 5 666
Prelims – Environment Trend Analysis blog1

95“You are late”.

“Come on. We rest one day a week. I have the liberty of being a few minutes late on my jogging schedule”.

“We’ll start straight ahead. How is it going?”

“I can’t believe that we had ten weeks for the Prelims the same day last week. No we have nine.”

“It is very much believable. Ten minus one equals nine.”

“Don’t expect me to laugh for that. When it comes to UPSC you always feel there is so much to learn yet so little time.”

“Everyone feels that way. What is next up on your list?”

“Environment. It would not have had such importance as a subject if not for Forest Services inclusion along with Civil Services in 2013, isn’t it?”

“Well, with UPSC, you never know”.

“Fair enough. Your suggestions for History and Geography did work out. Do you have any ideas on comprehensively covering all the domains in quick time?”

“I did look at the last four year GS questions and did sense a pattern. If you are open to I could give you a few suggestions on hitting good areas and scoring better.”

“Before you start shooting, mind slowing down your pace a bit? You are running.”

“I will step down a gear”.


“First up, it is pretty interesting to look at the share of Environment section in GS questions papers in the last four years. In 2013 and 2014 there were 18 questions and in 2015 and 2016 it dropped down to 9 each year”.

“What? Hold on. I am pretty sure that it is not as low as 9”.

“Let me clarify. When I say questions on Environment I am not accounting questions from current affairs section. Any subject be it Environment, Science and Tech or International Organizations you cover it in Current Affairs anyway”.

“Fair enough. Go ahead”.

“Moving to the good areas, I would suggest prioritizing in fundamentals of the environment first. You could follow it up with either environmental organizations or biodiversity. Choose pollution next and finally government schemes”.

“When you say fundamentals, you mean?”

“Basics which you find in the Environment Ecology section of Shankar Academy Environment book. To give you examples there were questions on the food chain in 2013, energy sources in 2014 and ecosystem in Prelims ’15. Getting your foundation right will enable you to score well in Environment. The environment ecology section is quite comprehensive.”

“Well, that shouldn’t take much time. Then you mentioned about environmental organizations.”

“Yeah, this topic might seem a lot. But it is actually score-able, as apart from current affairs only prominent organizations or events are asked. Topics like Montreaux record, Earth Hour, Global Environment Facility, IUCN and REDD+ have made their appearance.”

“That should be comfortable. Because these are important organizations and events which you learn anyway. So, sticking to prominent ones will do it, right?”

“Exactly. Moreover, you need not delve deeper. Look for major points like the objective, funding and in some cases participants. This is because with respect to environmental organizations most of them are 3-statement questions which you could work out by elimination.”

“Cool. You seemed to have stepped down two gears instead of one”.

“Really? Common sense note: When a person talks lengthy sentences while jogging he finds it difficult to keep pace.”

“Relax, relax. I will step down one too. Next?”

“The biodiversity section where you learn about a lot of animals, their status, and distribution.”

“I specifically wanted to ask you this. How do you work out on this anyway?”

“See, all of us don’t find it easier to memorize all animals and statistics in a comfortable time frame. So with the list in Shankar IAS Academy Environment book sit with your system and Google for the animal. When you learn few words about it have a look at its picture and its distribution Map. It takes 2-3 minutes tops.”

“Are you certain that this is effective?”

“Pictures reinforce data my dear friend. It certainly works better than memorizing. A single look is good enough. Because the content you have learned for Geography will indirectly help you in guessing the habitat and distribution of animals.”

“I got it. Mind if we walk?”

“I am. Regarding pollution, you would pretty much get it under NCERT. For example questions on Photochemical smog and Acid rain which were asked in 2013. Apart from that, you could look at pollutants of major industries”.

“That was a very informative jogging lesson. I will take leave now. And I almost forgot. Government schemes?”

“The same method you use for environmental organizations. See you around.”

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