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Modern India (Blog 8) | Shankar IAS Academy
Blog 8 - Modern India
2 March, 2019 0 2527
Modern India (Blog 8)

Hello Aspirants, we hope you have followed our first blog on 100 days strategy for UPSC prelims. In this blog we will guide you on the strategy for next days.

Modern India
  • The next 10 days target shall be to cover Modern Indian History holistically. Please go through the approach and weightage of this subject in our previous blog on modern history.
  • The core idea is to go through the entire modern India syllabus holistically, finding key difference for example difference between Govt of India act 1909, 1919, 1935, memorize key facts like last congress session leader, newspapers and their founders etc.
  • We would also like to you to go through all the previous questions from this topic, work them out because questions seem to repeat more than often from history.
  • Try linking/identifying topics from modern India with current affairs and Government Initiatives. For Example Govt of India act 1919 completes 100 years, thus this topic becomes important.

Current Affairs
  • Continuing the current affairs from previous blog, aspirants should now focus on events from October 2018 to December 2018.
  • In addition please dedicate at least 15 minutes for PIB every day. This will help you to keep tab on current developments and also indirectly revise few topics.
  • Once done with August to December Current affairs please take exclusive Current affairs test on Shankar IAS prestorming portal.

Art & Culture
  • The relevance, strategy and importance of this topic is already shared in previous blogs.
  • You’re now required to firstly revise the basic facts on Architecture, Dance, music, Bhakti and Sufi etc.
  • Then look out for current affairs related art and culture news, example Government announcement on Akal Takht Express, 550 years of Guru Nanak, Ayodhya circuit etc. So go thorough important Sikh places of worship, their location etc.
  • Look out for cultural thematic display of various states on Republic day and make a brief note of various states dances, festivals etc displayed.


Plan for Experience Candidates

  • Aspirants having previous experience of prelims cum mains would have better clarity and strong fundamentals. Thus we recommend them to complete their optional until mid-march.
  • Simultaneously they start with Modern India as it has a huge weightage to prelims portion.
  • We also recommend them to take 2 weekly tests to slowly get into prelims mode.
  • Continuous focus on maps and art & culture is must for all as both experienced and freshers find it very hard nut to crack.


Test Series
  • On the 10th day we strongly recommend to take full length test of the revised subjects i.e Modern India and Art and Culture and know the strong areas and areas for improvement.
  • Taking this test will boot your confidence, will help you analyze your preparation level and gives better insight on nature and types of questions asked by UPSC.

Note- You can match one of the GS subjects and current affairs with your ongoing test series. The main idea is to give you an effective schedule. For aspirant attending classes you can replace it with one of the GS subject and revise the class notes of that particular class on daily basis.

We hope you sincerely follow the study plan. Please do come with feedback and we would be more than happy to help you. Stay tune for next 10 days plan and gives you sincere effort to complete this one. Good Luck!

Author : Shankar IAS Best UPSC Coaching Chennai

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