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UPSC Main booster plan 2021 | Main booster program |Shankar IAS Academy
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    Shankar IAS Academy has come up with an exclusive Main booster Program

    The mains booster plan will provide you with a well-organized timetable that covers GS 1/2/3/4 in a time bound manner. It will include sectional, half and full tests spread across 60 days to cover the entire syllabus in 36 tests. Along with completing the syllabus, you will also be able to improve your answer writing skills with adequate practice. Integrated preparation will also improve your prelims preparedness by improving your ability to answer analytical questions that demand a conceptual understanding. The mains oriented preparation and answer writing practice will help you retain more factual content.

    By building a base in answer writing and covering the syllabus, you will be able to more efiectively utilize mains test series post prelims to improve other areas of answer writing. This booster plan will improve your potential for both prelims and mains effectively at the same time. These tests will not only assess your preparation, it will also measure your peer performance by comparing your answers amongst other UPSC aspirants at pan India level. Even after completion of the booster plan schedule you will have sufficient time of more than 70 Days to revise the syllabus, solve test papers and be prelims ready.


    01 Course Duration 31st May - 25th July
    02 Number of Tests 36 Tests
    03 Types of Tests 24 Sectional, 8 Half Tests, 4 Full Length
    04 Mentorship support Not included
    05 Solution Solution will be provided
    06 Discussions Will not be provided
    07 Test Evaluation Test Papers will be Graded based on Content, Structure & Presentation
    08 Test Submission Flexible till 25th July
    09 Mode Online only
    09 Course Fees 3,999/- (Inclusive of GST) For enrollment click here
    11 Daily and weekly Leaderboard to know where you stand
    MAINS BOOSTER PLAN 2021 Main booster Plan - Detailed timetable

    Mains booster plan is not a replacement for a Mains Test series, this program is designed to provide a platform to engage in intensive answer writing practice in a time bound manner. The mains booster plan does not include Test discussions, mentorship and Intensive evaluation. Keeping the program in this mode has helped us provide the course at a highly affordable fees structure, hence do not consider this as a mains test series.


    How will the Test Series help you ?

    • Our comprehensive orientation session will help you understand the demand of the paper.
    • The orientation session will also discuss the approach and techniques of essay writing.
    • The first 2 essay tests are exclusively classified into Abstract and Objective only essays, forcing you to write all types of essays.
    • Each essay test will be followed by a comprehensive test discussion, covering all the topics mentioned in the test
    • A summarized solution will be provided for all the essays provided in each test.
    • Comprehensive evaluation by our expert evaluators will help you understand where you lack. The comments will be both macro and micro helping you understand the summary of overall performance and page specific issues and observations wherever relevant.
    • Mentorship requests can be raised if you require personalized feedback over the phone.

    Course Service Timelines

    01 Question Paper and Answer Booklet By 9 AM on Exam Date
    02 Orientation Session Uploaded on Platform by 11th June 5 PM
    03 Solution Immediate Subsequent Monday 5 PM*
    04 Test Discussion Video uploaded by Subsequent Wednesday 5 PM
    05 Evaluation Within 10 Days*
    06 Mentorship Within 72-96 Hours from raising ticket
    07 Technical Concerns ASAP from raising tickets on the same

    Essay Mains Test Series Details

    01 Course Duration June 12th - July 3rd
    02 Number of Tests 3 Tests
    03 Types of Tests All 250 MARKS, 3 HOURS, 2 ESSAYS
    04 Solution Solution will be provided
    05 Test Discussion Test Discussion will be provided
    06 Test Evaluation Detailed Evaluation
    07 Test Submission Flexible till 31st July
    08 Program Mode Online Only
    09 Reference Good Essays Will be provided
    10 Course Fulfilment Through Shankarias Online Dashboard
    11 Course Fees 3,000 +GST For enrollment click here
    Essay Test Series