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How to prepare environment for UPSC prelims 2021 | Shankar IAS Academy
17 March, 2021 0 974
How to prepare environment for UPSC prelims 2021

The environment is one of the subjects which has high weightage, especially in the Prelims part of the UPSC Exam over the years. It is also one of the easy scorable subjects provided one gives proper time for revision along with studying.

Also, recent hot topics like climate changes, global warming, etc make the increasing probability of questions focussing on the Environment.


  • Shankar IAS Book on Environment
  • NCERT Class XII
  • The newspaper – Environmental issues focussing on National & International

How to plan:

  • Syllabus: As always, start studying by keeping in mind the syllabus and limit the resources. If you prepare well with the SIA book on Environment and NCERT you will complete the entire Environment. Then just focus on the Current Affairs part of the Environment.
  • Make notes from Current Affairs (referring newspaper and also Daily Analysis by SIA) separately focussing the Environment part.
  • After completing every topic, check yourself with the previous year’s questions and know about the type of direct and indirect questions.
  • Many topics overlap with other subjects like Geography, Current Affairs, etc. If one prepares Environment in advance, it gives an edge for these subject preparation as well.

Important things to note:

Focus on

  • Social Issues and Environment
  • Biodiversity
  • National & International Organisations – their initiatives
  • National Parks & Reserves – study with maps, places
  • Species – Endangered, others in news, etc
  • Chemicals and pollutants

Plan a lot of time for revising. Since it is easy to understand the subject, one may conclude becoming a master by just reading two times. But when one looks at the previous question papers, they can get a clear idea of how confusing it may be.


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