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How to crack UPSC Prelims 2021 in 50 days | Shankar IAS Academy
28 August, 2021 0 1643
How to crack UPSC Prelims 2021 in 50 days

How and what should I plan and prepare for the UPSC Prelims 2021 in the last 50 days?

The UPSC Prelims 2021 is exactly 50 days away. With almost all the sincere aspirants would have studied, leaving bits here is completely fine (only as of now, which you need to complete soon).

Here we present you the strategy on how to use these last 50 days of your Prelims preparation,

  • Go through your syllabus for every subject. Note down everything you are yet to study.
  • Make sure you complete it within two weeks from now so that you have nothing new to study for the last 30 days. Those are meant to be only for hardcore revision.
  • Make sure you have completed all the important topics in all the subjects first. We have mentioned them in separate articles earlier. Please have a look at them.
  • Take one mock test daily. If possible, try to solve subject-related papers like History question paper for 4 days, Economy paper for 4 days, and then allocate time for full mock test.
  • It is MUST that you go through your mistakes and get them corrected in the next mock without fail. Only then the mock tests are useful.
  • Focus most of the time on your revision.
  • Many aspirants cram the current affairs and struggle to complete it in a go. 50 days is sufficient time to go through current affairs and its revision properly. Plan it in such away.
  • Do not waste time on any stressors. Avoid things that distract you. Stay focussed only on the exam.
  • Stop studying for Optional papers or any other exams. Even if you are so confident of clearing the prelims, it is better to stop everything and give this exam what is needed.
  • When the exam fear nears, many aspirants try to change their lifestyle to improve in the exam. A big NO for all these things AT THIS TIME.
  • No change in anything except sleep and food. Just avoid junk foods at this moment.
  • Sleep early and wake up early. Study in your exam timings.
  • Try to strengthen your plus more.
  • Be positive and motivated. Do not waste time on so many motivational videos and toppers videos at this point.
  • Allocate time for CSAT. Even if you are so confident of qualifying the paper, it is better to allocate at least 2 days to refresh and solve old question papers of CSAT.
  • May these best 50 days of your preparation make you cross through the first step in your UPSC dream.

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