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How to Study History UPSC Prelims Exam | IAS Indian History
5 January, 2022 0 3972

How do I study history for the UPSC Prelims Examination 2021

The Indian History and culture are considered a significant part of both the Civil Services Preliminary Exam and the Main Examination 2021. It is a scoring subject if you memorize well. If your preparation for this subject is on-point, you can successfully solve all the questions from history.

Books to study:

How to plan:

· Learn the weightage of the different segments and plan according to the priority.

· For Modern India focus on,

-Foreign powers in India

-East India Company & its rise

-British & others in different provinces

– Economic & various other policies

-Socio-cultural effects

– Various movements & their effects

– Acts, reports, committees, etc

For Medieval focus on,

– The Mughals, the Vijayanagar empire, and the Sultanate, etc

– Economic, political & social structure of them

– Religious movements- important saints, their disciples, social impacts, etc.

– Other art and cultural impacts.

For Ancient focus on,

– Various periods like the Stone age, Paleolithic, etc.

– Various aspects of the Indus valley and Harappan civilization.

– Art, culture & scripts, artifacts excavated, etc.

– Religious, cultural & social aspects of Vedic society

– Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, and meaning of some terms like Purohita, etc

Important things to note:

· Learn the chronology of the incidents. Make a chronology chart of your own which helps in future references.

· Revision is the most important thing considering history as the subject is highly volatile.


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