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UPSC Civil Service Exam Myths | Common myths-IAS Examination
5 January, 2022 0 6622

Common myths about UPSC Civil services exam

Being the most popular exam in the nation, there is no doubt that this examination has so many rumours attached to it.

The common UPSC myths are:

More Hours = More Marks

· It is the most common myth that to get selected in the Civil Services Examination, one must study for 15-20 hours.

· However, those who cracked the exam and experts suggest 6-10 hours per day depending on how effective your study is.

· Though the timing depends on the individual, the quality of hours one puts in matters a lot for this examination.

· More important is how long you can put the efforts consistently, rather than putting an extraordinary effort into a single day and not studying for the next few days.

Know everything:

  • Another myth is that an aspirant must know everything under the sun to clear this examination.
  •  Though the syllabus is vast, it is a defined one. The aspirant is expected to have a basic knowledge of subjects like Polity, History, Geography, Economy, etc, and to apply this knowledge whenever needed.
  •  Even though current affairs cannot be defined, a systematic approach like the following newspaper regularly and daily news analysis from a quality resource will help in solving this.

More books = More Marks

  • The Civil Service Examination does not expect you to have a Ph.D. in every subject. Rather keep the books limited.
  • Get thorough knowledge of the basics, NCERTs, and get conceptual clarity on the subjects.

For more details on books, refer to the Best books for CSE.

Poor academic record -> Can’t clear UPSC

  • UPSC CSE takes into consideration the marks obtained only in this exam and your previous academic performance does not matter till mains.
  • Though it may play a role in the interview, so many candidates cracked the examination who had backlogs in colleges and were even college dropouts who took some other degree later.

Poor English = Can’t clear UPSC

  •  Also, the exam doesn’t demand superior English.
  • Just basic English knowledge and clarity to communicate are needed.
  • Further, UPSC also allows candidates to write in their regional language in the Mains examination.


  • Through the Civil Services Examination, UPSC is trying to recruit the best minds of India who are interested and capable of contributing to society.
  • It requires a positive mindset, consistent dedication to giving your efforts. These can be developed by anyone who has the will to do it.

Memorize everything:

  • There is also a myth that aspirant needs to memorize each and everything.
  • To achieve that many aspirants follow various sources and try to mug up everything. This is not going to help them in the examination.
  • Understanding the concepts and having a clear idea of the basics is the key.
  • Even the answer writing skills can be improved by having enough practice.
  • Try maximum revision before the exam and take mock tests to yield the best results.

Many attempts to clear:

  • Believe that you will clear in this attempt and you will. The number of times a candidate attempts the exam is not relational to the chances of getting cleared.
  • Do smart work.
  • Maintain your physical and mental health over time.

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