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Best IAS Academy in Chennai – UPSC Training Academy in Chennai

Shankar IAS Academy was founded in 2004 by Mr. Shankar Devarajan. SIA which was considered the Best IAS Academy Coaching in Chennai, Anna Nagar, now has its branches Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai, Shankar IAS Academy in Bangalore, Shankar IAS Academy in Delhi, Shankar IAS Academy in Trivandrum, etc. We strive hard to help you in realizing your IAS Dreams.

For Civil services examination or for that matter any IAS Competitive Examination, the role of an institute is a crucial one. Though it is always the aspirant’s efforts that matter first when it combines hands with the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai like SIA, it brings a true substance to the preparation!

Largely, the following few factors define the “Best IAS Institute in Chennai”

Shankar IAS Academy Track Record:

Do watch out for the number of candidates clearing from the institute and the consistency of such records. Do check for student testimonials to see if the results claimed by the institute are true.

Shankar is one such institute that has had a consistent track record for over a decade. Over 1000 aspirants from the academy are civil servants now.

Please have a look at our students’ testimonials, Testimonials of our students.

Shankar IAS Academy Faculties & Feedback:

The role of the faculty is to facilitate the subject learning for the students. Before joining any institute for the UPSC training in Chennai, do check out the caliber of the faculties and how easily you can contact the faculties in case of doubts.

In SIA, the fact that many faculties who have cleared/ went till the interview stage of the examination in itself spreads an aura of confidence among the students. We handpick and groom the best of the faculty – not just in terms of quality of content but also in delivery. The entire faculty has sound expertise not just on their subject matters, but also in the ever-evolving dynamic nature of the UPSC CSE. Apart from the caliber, the best ias academy emphasizes the attitude of the faculties too.

Faculties in SIA are a mixture of young, sharp minds who have cleared Civil services examination / appeared for UPSC interviews many times recently and those dynamic people who have a long experience in UPSC teaching. The faculties are part of the mentor group wherein in real-time they clear the doubts of the students.

Students’ feedback plays an important role and is taken into consideration now and then and changes are made appropriately as per the feedback. In the unlikely case of a student feeling uncomfortable with a faculty, the same feedback is brought to the notice of the faculty for improving himself/ herself.

Shankar IAS Academy – Provide:

Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai providesscientific mentoring to the candidates by allocating a mentor for every 20 students. The students get real-time guidance which motivates the students and also provides individual attention to them throughout the year. Mentors are usually aspirants who have gone to the interview stage / Main stage and are adept at guiding new aspirants. Every IAS Student is provided with a mentor card wherein every minute of feedback is recorded and given to the students.

Further, Best IAS Live Online Classes are also conducted for those who cannot join the academy which enables 2-way communication wherein we strive so that students can feel the ambiance of the physical classroom. Also, Indians from Michigan (USA), Dubai, Australia, the UK, etc are giving shape to their dreams of being a bureaucrat by attending online classes with the Best IAS Coaching in Chennai – Shankar IAS Academy!

“Simulation is for war; Test series is for UPSC Training”. The test series should ideally have UPSC standard questions and evaluation. SIA has over the years developed an expertise in the same. Even if students keep on practicing answer writing every single day, it makes sense only when they are provided with efficient feedback at right time for every single answer.

We promise to complete the answer evaluation in 10 days but usually complete the same within a week. A one-on-one feedback session is available for every test. Key points for answers and video recordings of discussion sessions are being provided to the IAS Students.

SIA provides a detailed analysis by subject experts for every answer. The faculties provide on-call support to students.

Carefully designed and structured courseware for General Studies (Prelims cum Main).

Shankar IAS Academy Optional Subjects to choose from – Geography, Economics, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Tamil Literature, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Agriculture, Kannada Literature, and Malayalam Literature. We are the only Best Institute to provide comprehensive coaching for Forestry optional in Chennai. These classes are available in the classroom and online modes.

Shankar IAS Academy Prestorming – UPSC Prelims Test Series: A carefully and progressively structured test series for UPSC Prelims (both classroom and online formats) which helps the students access his / her performance among 10000+ candidates who take the tests yearly. Questions as per the latest trend and expected ones, in-depth question paper analysis, and live discussions with video recordings help our IAS Students systematically analyze their progress in the practice tests.

Shankar IAS Academy Mainstorming – UPSC Main Test Series: One of India’s most sought-after preparation modules for the Mains exam. A comprehensive program to improve question understanding and interpretation levels, the needed answer writing skills, and content framing skills. This module also includes the most often neglected area of essay writing.

Civillasation – Personality Assessment Test training: The module takes care of grooming and shaping the candidates’ opinions, perspectives, what and how to convey, and intangible aspects such as presentation, voice modulation, and readiness for stress interviews. Best IAS Candidates also get to be a part of discussion sessions by shortlisted people for interviews ably moderated by experienced faculty. Once the content and presentation part is taken care of, candidates get to test themselves in mock interviews conducted by panelists comprising of former UPSC Training board members, serving and retired bureaucrats, and Subject Matter Experts.

We as the Best IAS Training in Chennai facilitate regular orientation and interaction sessions with renowned personalities from different walks of life who give momentum to the preparation levels of the IAS Students and also mold their understanding and perspectives needed for the future bureaucrats.

We also provide you with reputed online platforms like IAS Parliament and Civilspedia that offers excellent daily current affairs materials in a much more interactive way.

Over the years, it is with pride we tell you that Best Shankar IAS Academy, the Best civil services training in Chennai has developed the knack of guessing the UPSC Prelim and Main questions rightly. Based on our extensive test series which is attended to by around 10,000 prospective candidates every year, we have hands-on experience in predicting the cut-off. Best Shankar IAS Academy in Chennai is publishing keys for the past 10 years since 2010, the longest history among any running institutes.


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