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21 February, 2019 6 1717

100 days strategy for UPSC Prelims 2019 (Blog 7)

Blog 7 - 100 Days Strategies For Upsc
by Shankar IAS Academy

Hello Aspirants, the critical 100 days to Prelims 2019 begins soon and we have plan to share 100 days effective strategy which will help you to revise the vast syllabus, expose to sufficient mock tests and gain confidence to face the Prelims 2019 . We will be sharing a 10-10 days plan guiding you to […]

4 February, 2019 8 8049

How to prepare for UPSC Prelims 2019 – Geography (Blog 6)?

by Shankar IAS Academy

Blog 6 -Geography In continuation with our strategy for prelims 2019, today we will throw light on ‘How to prepare for Geography?’ for preliminary examination. Geography could be divided into Indian and World Geography and has overlapping syllabus covering Economics (like Iron Steel industries), Agriculture (Soils, Irrigation), Environment (Types of Vegetation, National Parks), Demography with […]