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31 May, 2017 8 563

Prelims – Past questions analysis – Economics

by Shankar IAS Academy

We often read about debates that discuss good and bad Economics in the newspapers. These debates can have different answers depending on the perspectives, but when it comes to Civil Services Prelims, Economics is definitely good. Definitely a scoring area as the basic understanding of the subject can help you ease through the portion in […]

12 May, 2017 4 294

Prelims – Past questions analysis – Polity and IR

by Shankar IAS Academy

The hottest topic for discussion in your libraries, reading halls, and coffee shops must be politics. With Civil Services Prelims 2017 approaching, as every issue comes to the table, the guiding Constitutional provisions, the related laws, the newly launched schemes and the international angle to those must be going through your mind. It is this […]